Report from the 9th International Symposium on Auriculotherapy

vendredi 8 septembre 2017

Meeting Report

Report from the 9th International Symposium on Auriculotherapy Held in Singapore,

10–12 August 2017

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1. Preface

2. Keynote Lectures

2.1 Innovative Research on Auricular Medicine—Opening Lecture
Litscher, G.

2.2 Mechanisms Underlying the Regulation of Impaired Glucose Tolerance by Auricular Concha
Rong, P.J
2.3. Anatomo-Physiological Basis for Auricular Stimulation
Deriu, F
2.4. Auriculotherapy in Paediatric Neurology : A Promising Tool for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Rangon, C.M.

2.5. Auricular Acupuncture Research in the People’s Republic of China During the Past 10 Years
Zhao, B.X.

2.6. Standard Definition of Auriculotherapy and Ear Acupuncture- (Group Discussion)
Nogier, R.

2.7 The New International Nomenclature for Earpoints : The Development of the 2D Coordinate Ear
Bahr, F. ; Wojak, W.

2.8 Potential for the Combination of Auricular Point Electrotherapy and TES, the Significance and Prospects
Cheng, K

2.9. Neuropathic Pain : Auriculotherapy Potential
Cornelia, D.M. ; Angelo, S.

2.10. Laser Acupuncture for Ear and Body Points in Arterial Fibrillation
Weber, M.

2.11. The Effects of Auricular Electro-Acupuncture on Ameliorating the Dysfunction of Interstitial Cells of
Cajal Networks & nNOSmRNA Expression in the Antrum of STZ-Induced Diabetic Rats
Zhang, Z.H. ; Chen, H. ; Zhu, W.J. ; Lu, J. ; Fan, J.J. ; Sun,L.N. ; Feng, X.K. ; Liu, H. ; Wang, Y.Q.

2.12. Cryotherapy as a Modality in Auriculotherapy
Alimi, D.

3. Lectures

3.1. Four-Arm Placebo Controlled Study Using Auriculotherapy for Elderly with Osteoarthritic Knee
Suen, L.

3.2. Auriculotherapy in Sleep Medicine
Stanton, G.

3.3. Clinical Efficacy Evaluation on Pain and Motor Dysfunction of Ischemic Stroke Patients with Phase I
Shoulder-Hand-Syndrome (SHS) Treated by Auricular Acupuncture Therapy
Meng, X.N.

3.4. Acupuncture as an Adjunctive Treatment for Addictive Disorders
Chan, H. ; Chin, X.Y. ; Guo, S.

3.5. Ear Seeds for Urgent Care in Western Clinic
Alabaster, J.

3.6. Treatment of Acne by Auricular Points Bloodletting:A Randomized Controlled Study of Small Samples
She, Y.F.

3.7. Operation Specification Selection of Auricular Therapy with Chinese Characteristics
Liu, J.H
3.8. Auriculotherapy in Vitiligo Treatment
Kuzulugil, A. ; Practitioner, P.

3.9. Painless Laser Acupuncture (PLA) for Quit Smoking
Lim, R.

3.10. Auricular Chromotherapy in the Treatment of Psychological Trauma
Yoshizumi, A. ; Asis, D. ; Luz, F.

3.11. Magnetic Non-Invasive Acupuncture for Infant Comfort (MAGNIFIC) in Heel Pricks—A Randomised
Controlled Pilot Study
Chen, K.L. ; Lindrea, K.B. ; Quah-Smith, I. ; Schmölzer, G.M. ; Daly, M. ; Schindler, T. ; Oei, J.L.

3.12. The Hidden Information in Your Brain Concerning Your Future : How to Influence Your Darma and
Your Karma
Bahr, F.

3.13. The Treasure House of Auricular Diagnosis And Therapeutics
Aung, S.

3.14. Active Somatic and Psychic Ear Acupuncture Points in Newborn Infants with Neonatal Abstinence
Syndrome (NAS)
Raith,W. ; Kurath-Koller, S. ; Pansy, J. ; Mileder, L. ; Schmölzer, G. ; Urlesberger, B.

3.15. Pulsed Magnetic Fields on the Auricular Zones : A Preliminary Study for the Choice of Pulsed Frequencies
through Auricular Medicine
Vulliez, C. ; Becu, P.

3.16. Active Ear Acupuncture Points in Sick and Healthy Term and Late-Preterm Neonates : A Blinded,
Controlled, Observational Trial
Stadler, J. ; Flucher, C. ; Kurath-Koller, S. ; Tritschler, N. ; Urlesberger, B. ; Raith, W.

3.17. Does Ear Acupuncture Have A Role for Pain Relief in the Emergency Setting ? A Systematic Review
and Meta-Analysis
Jan, A. ; Aldridge, E. ; Rogers, I. ; Visser, E. ; Bulsara, M. ; Niemtzow, R.

3.18. The Power of the Omega Points ; Their Direct and Reverse Meaning ; A Clinical Study about 250 Cases
Gresser, H.

3.19. Evolution of Auricular Nomenclature for Integrative Auriculotherapy
Oleson, T.

3.20. Cautery in Auriculotherapy
Nogier, R.

3.21. Documented Tracking of the Immediate Effect of Auricular Acupuncture in Specific Cases of Neurology,
Endocrinology, Gynaecology and Otolaryngology
Szechnyi, I.

3.22. A Look at Subcortex through the Prism of Polyvagal Theory
Wu, H.

3.23. Significance of Auricular Acupuncture for Treating Some Skin Diseases in Children
Luzina-Chju, L. ; Luzina, K.

3.24. Transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation (ta-VNS) Modulates Rest Pain of Lower Limb
Arteriosclerosis : A Case Report
Huang, F.

3.25. Gamma-Frequency Transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation : A Promising Therapy for
Alzheimer’s Disease
Yu, Y.T. ; Rong, P.J.

3.26. Transfloral Acupuncture
Wirz-Ridolfi, A.

3.27. Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation : A New Type of Auricular Acupuncture to Treat
with Depression
Li, S.

3.28. Neurophysiological Basis of Auriculotherapy for Perioperative Pain Management
Chelly, J.

3.29. A Detailed Comparative Analysis of the Effects of DC Micro-Current Point Stimulation (MPS) on the
Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) when Applied to Battlefield Acupuncture (BA) Protocol of a N = 8 Patient
Sample Size with a History of Pain
Armstrong, K.

3.30. The Use of Auriculotherapy for Cardiac Arrhythmias : A Systematic Review
Mok, M. ; Suen, L. ; Tan, J.Y. ; Xie, G.

3.31. Comparative Examination of the Ear Acupuncture Points (NADA/Battlefield) in Light of Western
Medicine (Lab, Instrumental) and of Chinese Medicine (meridian diagnostics)—Randomized,
Placebo-Controlled, Double Blind Research
Szechenyi, I.

4. Workshops

4.1. Battlefield Acupuncture Training Across Clinical Settings—Initial Results & Lessons Learned
Pock, A. ; Niemtzow, R.

4.2. New Insights into the Autonomic Nervous System Using Beat to Beat Methodology Monitoring
Lafitte, M. ; Nageshwar, S.

4.3. Essentials of Auriculotherapy
Oleson, T.

4.4. How to Use Psychological Points at the Ear with Exactly Fitting Flowers
Wesemann, C.

4.5. Auriculotherapy in Neurology Workshop—Part 1
Stanton, G.

4.6. A Primer on the Phases & Recognizing the Vascular Autonomic Signal : The Key to Successful
Clinical Outcomes
Chalmers, J.

4.7. Light & Colours : The Vasculo-Autonomic Signal & Healing
Nogier, R.
In auriculotherapy

4.8. Auriculotherapy in Neurology—Part 2
Stanton, G.

4.9. Genomic Acupuncture Precision Medicine—Introductory Outline Innovated for Auricular Application.
Johnson, S.

4.10. The Treasure in Auricular Diagnosis and Therapeutics
Aung, S.

4.11. ECIWO Auricular Diagnosis—the Greater System of Acupuncture Diagnosis
Ang, T.T.

4.12. The Usefulness of Auriculodentistry in the Daily Practice of the Art of Dentistry
Vulliez, C.

4.13. Rapid Auriculotherapy Treatment for Headaches Caused by Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Pock, A.

4.14. Finding Effective Remedies in Clinical Practce by Auriculohomeopathy
Lee, C.

4.15. Evolved ‘PCAS’ Protocol in Prostate Syndrome and Cancer
Johnson, S.
4.16. A Demonstration of The Techniques Used for Atrial Fibrillation and Other Conditions Using Laser Pen
and Laser Needle Modality
Weber, M.

5. Posters
5.1. Auricular Point Therapy for Insomnia in China in Recent 10 Years
Chen Y. ; Qi, S. ; Meng X. ; Zeng Y.

5.2. The Mechanism of Auricular Electroacupuncture Effect on Biliary System Dysfunction and Pain
Zhai, X.

5.3. The Similarities between the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies Standard of
Auricular Acupuncture Points and European System of Auriculotherapy Points according to Nogier and Bahr
Zhou, L.

5.4. Chinese Traditional Vaccaria Segetalis Auricular Acupoint Application (Plaster) in Tinnitus Treatment
Wang, Z.

5.5. The Integration of Chinese and European Auricular Acupuncture Points Treatment of 73 Cases of Adenoid
Hypertrophy in Children
Li, C.

5.6. The Clinical Effect of Reaction Points on Holographic-Pain-Killing Line Located in Sulcus Auriculae
Posterior for Treating Patients with Pain Caused by Terminal Stage of Cancer or Post Surgery
Lin, L.

5.7. Clinical Application of Auricular Point Treatment for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in Children
Yang, L.

5.8. Observation on Curative effect of Pinn Bloodletting Combined with Qingfei Jiedu Decoction on Acne
Vulgaris Treatment
Wang, Y.

5.9. Acupuncture Can Regulate the Expression of TRPV1 and NGF in Colorectal Parts of
Zymosan-Induced Model
Yin, Y. ; Li, S. ; Wang, S.